Think before you post: How data mining can help the average person make money

by | Aug 10, 2021

A new report from the World Economic Forum has revealed that there are three main sources of income for data owners: Data mining, licensing, and the sale of data.

Data is a commodity in today’s world, but it still needs to be mined before being sold or licensed. This means that individuals have an opportunity to turn their personal information into cash by selling it directly to companies who want to mine it.

However, many people don’t know how they can sell their data – which could be shocking considering how much we share online every day without realizing what we might earn by doing so!

Selling your online search history

Search engines are one of the main sources of information in today’s world. Many people use them to find out more about various topics which might interest them, but do they realize that the websites they visit and searches they make could be worth money?

In fact, Google has been selling data for years. The most valuable information, according to Search Engine Land, is your search history. This includes any queries you’ve used Google to look for, along with the links you’ve clicked on that led to website pages.

Many websites use Google Analytics (or other similar programs) in order to see how many people visit their page each month and what they do on it. Google Analytics tells website owners about the search terms people used to find their site, how long they spent on it and which links led them to the page.

This kind of information is worth a lot – not only could it help you understand your audience better, but it could also be sold as marketing data to advertisers. So if you want to sell your search history, the easiest way to do it is by creating a Google AdSense account. This allows you to monetize any website that uses Google Analytics and collect advertising revenue on its behalf.

You can choose exactly how much of your search history you wish to sell – from your entire log or just specific pages – for $0.10 per one thousand impressions (the number of times an advertisement makes contact with someone). You could also try Data Market, which allows you to share information about other online activities such as social network posts, YouTube videos, and more…

But there is an app for that!

Yes, that all sounds kind of complicated, and not like something I would sit down and do. Isn’t there an app for that? You guessed it – there is!

Very soon an app will be released that is able to scan your personal data for anything you want to sell.


This new app is one of several ways in which people are beginning to realize the value of their own data and turn it into money. As more and more people become aware of what they could be earning from their online presence – especially when so much information about them is being sold every day.

Not only can you get paid for your data – if you spread the word, you can also generate a steady income for yourself. Referring users to the app can be rewarding as you are paid every month they use the app. Actually, use is such a big word here, people just need to load the app and run it in the background.


Share the word

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