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Written by Thomas

Thomas is a digital entrepreneur, investor, and IT consultant. He founded the site to provide valuable information about opportunities for multiple income streams.

October 7, 2021

How does exponentially growing income sound to you?

If I could offer you an opportunity with an app where you can earn a big chunk of the recurring cash it brings in – without any risks or strings attached, how would you feel about that? Would you be interested? If so, keep reading. If not… well… I understand completely. There are plenty of other offers you can consider.

My name is Thomas and I’m a super affiliate of Tapestri, an app that helps people earn on their data. The affiliate program just launched and now you can earn $ commissions when your referrals earn money on having the app active. And you can earn the same commission on any second-tier affiliates.

The product puts the revenue of trading with data back in your audience’s pocket and will make you some easy extra cash.

Here’s the link to it:

Create a login and password to the site.

Then go to Brand Affiliate and sign up as an affiliate.

You can also become a super affiliate and earn an extra 50% bonus. As soon as you have signed up 10 affiliates, you will have earned super affiliate status.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

P.S. The program just launched but already received a tremendous response. The next 48 hours you can still join the Founder’s Club with me. This will save you $119 USD.

What's the Problem?

Consumer data is being sold everyday, and they are not getting a penny from it.

There is a 250 billion dollar market that is predicated primarily on large brands and social media companiex receiving consumer data

Documentaries like ‘The Social Dilemma’ expose the addictive nature of such platforms. Phrases like ‘”You are the product” and “Man vs Machine”, are espoused to show the vulnerabilities we all have against these platforms.

And the Solution?

If consumers knew how, many would monetize the data they’re already giving away for free, in exchange for a consistent monthly check.

With Tapestri they’ll know.


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