Expert Advisor Trading

Trading Robot or Expert Advisor

  • The expert advisor in focus here is a trading system that wraps complexity within a very easy-to-use interface. Its unique approach to the markets is designed to target stable and consistent growth. The simplicity behind the EA’s setup process allows anyone, from a newbie to the markets to an experienced investor to set up a custom portfolio that fits around their risk profile.

Advantages this EA offers

  • A Crew standing by: Since the EA is a professional grade system, it has an actual crew behind it, working constantly for improving the tech and providing an excellent user experience.
  • Robustness and stability: It specializes in producing long-term profits and not short-term candies! It has proven profitable every single year since 2008 using MetaQuotes data feed, and since 2006 using high-quality tick data, according to our extensive back-testing. 
  • Advanced self-adapting systems: It implements a self-adapting system that allows it to adjust the entire strategy as the market evolves.
  • Different trading approaches into one system: The EA offers 2 trading modes, a low trade frequency, high stability approach to the markets, which is called Mode 1, and a higher trade frequency, more aggressive approach to the markets, which is called Mode 2. You can use one, or even both at the same time to build your portfolio exactly as you want.
  • Low maintenance: Since the expert advisor packs a very complex and unique system into an extremely easy-to-use interface, it requires very little time allocation to manage it. Ranging from a few minutes to under an hour per week. 
  • Single software or portfolio set up: It comes from a professional grade fund management environment, which makes it the ideal candidate either for a person that’s looking to get into algorithmic trading with only one system or for a person that’s an experienced investor who is managing a portfolio of other strategies.
  • Low starting balance: Although it isn’t really feasible it allows a starting balance from $500 USD. Keep in mind that for a lower risk, you will require a larger minimum balance. This is because of the minimum trade volume, for example, if a user has a $100 USD account and trades at 0.01 lots, another user with $1,000 USD would trade at 0.10 lots to keep the positions proportional. However, if the $1,000 USD user trades at 0.01 lots, the $100 USD user can’t replicate the same risk level since no positions under 0.01 lots are allowed on most brokers.
  • Gains since start 20.13% 20.13%
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