Everything is Spiraling Downwards, Now What?

Written by Thomas

Thomas is a digital entrepreneur, investor, and IT consultant. He founded the site GainsAndProfit.com to provide valuable information about opportunities for multiple income streams.

July 29, 2022

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will have noticed that just about any market seems to be in a downward spiral. It makes for a sour mood where your senses are telling you to keep a great distance to investments of any kind.

If you have been investing before, you have probably told yourself “if only I had gone in earlier” or “why didn’t I see this stock was about to rise?”. 

It is extremely difficult to buy at all time lows and sell on all time highs — there really isn’t a formula for this, no matter what people are telling you.

But as in any other bear market we’ve ever had, the current one is not really a problem — it’s an opportunity! About now might just be the right time to push in your chips, if only we knew where, right?

In my view, the most exciting projects right now are Furio, Ooze, and Drip, possibly Elephant and maybe Piston!

What they all have in common, except for being part of my recent investments, is the opportunity of daily compounding your stake, to grow your investment exponentially — even from a very small initial amount.


Today is about Furio. 

Furio ($FUR token) rewards you with 2–2.5% daily return on your investment. Let’s do the math — investing just $100 and compounding for 11 months. As this is written the rate of $FUR is USDC 12.83538 — so you will receive $FUR 7.751 

Source: thecalculatorsite.com

It will take you 332 days to turn $100 worth of $FUR (7.75 $FUR) into 27.77k $FUR (reaching Max Payout of 100K $FUR). At today’s prices of $12.83/FUR, 27.77k would be the equivalent of $356,378.91. Throwing off 2.5% daily, or, at current prices, $8909 per day! Can you invest $100? Well, isn’t it time to get going…

Where Do I Get Started With Furio?

Here’s my referral link:

  1. Swap USDC (BEP20) for $FUR here: https://app.furio.io/.
  2. Make sure to add a referral ID and click the “Deposit directly to the Vault” checkbox. Feel free to use my Referral ID: 0x41F7edc6ACe7652EA0E5Aee518556286c392D498
  3. Return once a day to Compound or Claim. Auto-compounding is in Beta, but will soon be implemented.
  4. Welcome to the Cryptoid FAST Team

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