How Would You Like To Double Your Income In Just Nine Months?

by | Feb 15, 2022

Crypto novices can start here.

I am making more in passive income than my day job pays me.

Yes, I am!

How? You can make the same income as your day job pays i.e. double your income in just nine months. And if you are already thinking “crypto, nah, it’s not for me” — I can tell you it is not that difficult to get started and honestly, if I can do it, so can you.
But isn’t crypto for Internet scammers and criminal minds?
There certainly are a lot of scams going on and most probably also criminal minds benefitting from crypto, but what I’m going to tell you about is totally legit and something all sorts of people like you and me are doing a daily basis.

The example I’m going to give you on how to double your monthly salary is this:
If you invest the sum of your current monthly salary today and deposit that into the DRIP network you will get a daily return of 1% of your investment. Each day you’ll go in and tend to your investment by compounding the daily return and do this for 30 days — 1 month!
Then you will change to another schedule of claiming your return one day and compounding it the other day and keep doing this for the next four months — after which you will have your initial investment back — 5 months!
You will, however, continue the schedule of compounding every other day and claiming every other day for the next four months and you will then have a monthly return which matches your initial investment; and so you have doubled your salary — 9 months! That is, of course, if you are still working 🙂

How is this possible?
DRIP is a stake-able token that gives you 1% daily interest on your deposit. Your initial deposit is not refundable — but you can get the 1% daily interest out (claim) — or you can add it to to your deposit (compound). And keep doing this until you have claimed 365% of your deposit. But, as you compound regularly, your deposit keeps growing and you will be able to do this, if not indefinitely, then for a very long time.

That’s what’s in it for you — then what’s in it for me? I am on the exact path I am telling you about, and if you join the network too, I get a bonus, that would speed my savings up a little. And you can do the same once you join — or you can just sit back and watch the progress of your passive income.
Do I have your attention?
You can get started now — but there are some basics you need to familiarize yourself with. Ready? I will go through each step and supply you with what I used/did/recommend.

Crypto exchange —
In order to buy the crypto needed for your investment you must utilize a crypto exchange platform. There are many out there, and I tried a few but I believe that is the easiest and possibly the cheapest I have seen.
You set up an account on the crypto exchange and transfer your money to this account. Then you buy Binance coin or BNB and once done, you will have a crypto wallet at with your BNB in it.
In order to create your account you will of course need to verify who you are with, but just follow their relatively easy set up of an account.

Digital wallet — MetaMask on iPhone/Android
I suggest you use the MetaMask app on your phone, but there is also a MetaMask chrome extension for your browser, if you would rather do this on your desktop computer. You cannot use the wallet directly — you need a DeFi wallet, and MetaMask is just that.

So go to the Apple App Store or Google play store and download the MetaMask app. Open MetaMask.
Now create your wallet and make sure you have pen and paper to jot down the seed phrase, which is like a key to a bank vault — you don’t want to lose it and definitely not want to share it, so keep it safe from prying eyes.
Then some technical settings, you need to configure:
In the MetaMask app, click the menu (three lines top-left) and select Settings from the drop-down appearing. Now select Networks and click the Add Network button. You are adding a new RPC Network, so type
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
RPC Url:
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Then click Add. You have added the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Close the settings screen.

Back on the main page click the title ‘Wallet’ — a list of networks appear — select your recently created Binance Smart Chain.

Now, copy the address of your wallet by clicking on the address just below the account name — the address is a long string of characters beginning with 0x — and it should copy into the clipboard.

Then you go to your app, select the Binance coin wallet and click the Transfer button. (Binance Coin -> BNB wallet -> Transfer — see screens above.)
Then select Withdraw, External wallet, the plus sign ( + ) top-right, Wallet Address. Make sure to select BSC under SELECT NETWORK,

then click in the Binance Coin Address field, and hold to paste the address from the clipboard. Give it a Wallet Name in the Wallet Name field (e.g. MetaMask wallet), click Continue and choose to transfer all your BNB to your new MetaMask wallet. You will probably need to confirm your transfer order with but once this is done, return to MetaMask and you should see an entry of your newly received BNB in the wallet — it normally takes 2–5 minutes for the transfer to go through, and the amount to appear in MetaMask.

Now it’s time to make your deposit. Click the three lines in the upper left of the MetaMask app and select browser. Now type the browser address

Click the menu icon to the right of the DRIP NETWORK title — select connect wallet. Scroll down to the Buy DRIP section. You should see your BNB Balance, so click in the Amount field and enter the amount of BNB you want to purchase DRIP for. Leave 0.1 BNB behind, as you will need this for transfer (gas) fees. Click BUY. After a successful confirmation, click the Menu icon again, this time selecting Faucet…

Scroll down to the Buddy fields, enter or paste my buddy id, 0x41F7edc6ACe7652EA0E5Aee518556286c392D498 and click update. Once that goes through, go up to deposit and deposit all your DRIP.
You pay a 10% tax when depositing. So you will see 90% of your DRIP value in the Deposits field.
Earning 1% starts immediately, and in one day you should come back and click the HYDRATE (recompound) button and the whole process starts. Congratulations! You have joined, and there is nothing more you need to do except for coming back and click the HYDRATE button— but if you are interested in knowing more and exploring other options with DRIP, I urge you to join the Cryptozoa team:

Cryptozoa Telegram
Once in, look me up — user Thomas, ID (0x41F7edc6ACe7652EA0E5Aee518556286c392D498)

Finally, if you have any questions, please reply to this article, and I will do my best to answer or help out. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

NOTE: The amount deposited cannot be withdrawn. In exchange you receive 1% of that staked amount per day (24 hrs) which can be compounded or claimed.

Nothing in this article is intended to constitute investment advice. Neither the author nor the publication takes any responsibility or liability for any investments, profits or losses you may incur as a result of this information. Readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence and research, or consult a licensed financial advisor or broker before making any and all investment decisions. This content is intended for general informational and educational purposes only. Though the author strives for accuracy, the data contained within the article cannot be relied upon. The author may own cryptocurrencies and tokens discussed in the article.

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