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September 16, 2021

Letting AI Do The Trading For You


Developed by Forex Experts

These tools will help you make an intelligent choice when it comes to investing your money. By giving you more options, they will allow you to spend less time making a decision and give you the chance to spread your bets across different areas of opportunity, thus increasing your chances of success.


At Your Fingertips

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader, you will find the education in this package invaluable. The education provided comes from some of the most successful traders in the world, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


For Control & Growth

It doesn’t matter what your trading style is; the academy program contain resources that will teach you to customize your strategy to suit your own personality, using just one product or a combination of two or more to manage risk and achieve your short-term and long-term goals.


Create your own legacy by growing your own personal portfolio on a schedule that fits your lifestyle and sharing the opportunity for financial gain with others.

Your Go-To Source For All Your Wealth Management Tools.

The most advanced forex tools available anywhere on the web. This toolbox is for those who want the very best in forex trading. Advanced indicators, expert advisors, artificial intelligence, trade alerts… and much more!

Neo The Legend

AI Powered Trading Program

Neo is an advanced EA (expert advisor) that offers a fully featured strategy, contained into an extremely easy to use software. Anyone can use it, from very beginners to advanced. The simplicity of Neo The Legend is unsurpassed.

Neo The Legend sends the manual trades alerts in a 2 hours fixed window of time, making it easy for you to schedule.

Specializes in long term profits and not short term candles!

Has 2 trading modes and a wide range of risk options to set your portfolio according to almost any risk level


The Forex trading tool that’s right for you if…

You have no time or interest in monitoring the market for buy/sell opportunities

You want …

to get started with a low-priced financial investment as low as $50

an indicator program running 24/7 while you go about living your life

the option of interacting with the developer of the indicator via ongoing, interactive training sessions.

an indicator that is designed to get you into the market on the correct side of the trend, not just be another lagging indicator.



AI Powered Trading Program

Combines strategies that professional forex traders use, offering customizable software supporting trades of ANY currency pair, continually scanning markets for best trade setups that lead to high profitability Swing Trades with low risk & low exposure.



AI Powered Trading Program

Offers incremental LOT size increases, equity protection, Max Drawdown & Total Profit Goals features to support portfolio Growth.

The Prime Spot To Build Your Legacy

Where you can design, build, and protect your wealth

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