Elephants, Let’s Strategize

by | Aug 20, 2023

Being serious about your investments is all about strategy, having a plan and sticking to it. Personally, I can’t find anything more promising than the Elephant money platform currently, and I have been looking 👀

Heavily inspired by articles on this platform, I have strategized and started implementing. I bought Unlimited NFT’s , I regularly go to Bertha to shop for Elephants, but this is my investment strategy for Elephant Futures:

  1. Initial Deposit: Begin with the initial deposit of $5000 to kick-start your investment.
  2. Regular Deposits: Prepare regular deposits of 200 BUSD without fail. This consistent contribution will ensure steady growth over time
  3. Compounding Rewards: Allow your rewards to accumulate for a certain period, perhaps a month. Then, when the rewards have become substantial, make an additional deposit of at least 200 BUSD to compound your returns.
  4. Regular Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your investment’s progress. Monitor the growth of your deposit and rewards to determine the optimal times for compounding.
  5. Strategic Compounding: As your investment grows, consider increasing the frequency of compounding and thus deposits. For instance, you could compound your rewards every two weeks instead of monthly, thereby accelerating your returns.
  6. Occasional Claims: While compounding is crucial for maximizing growth, you can occasionally claim a portion of your rewards if you need funds. However, remember that claiming rewards will deduct from your deposit, so do this judiciously.
  7. Maximize Deposits: Continue making the regular deposits of 200 BUSD and strategically compound your rewards until you approach the maximum deposit limit of $1,000,000.
  8. Regular Assessment: Periodically reassess your investment strategy. If market conditions change or you have additional funds to invest, consider adjusting your weekly deposit or compounding frequency accordingly.
  9. Long-Term Perspective: Keep in mind that this investment strategy is designed for long-term growth. Patience and consistency will be key to achieving optimal ROI.
  10. Stay Informed: Stay informed about market trends and any updates to the investment contract’s rules. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions about when to compound or claim rewards.

By following this strategy, you aim to capitalize on the power of compounding while maintaining flexibility through regular, controlled claims. Remember that every investor’s risk tolerance and financial goals differ, so consider consulting a financial advisor before implementing any investment strategy.

Could this be your strategy as well? The initial deposit can be lower or higher, in the end you will reach the same goal. If your initial deposit is lower, it will take longer and vice versa.

I would love to invite you to my herd of Elephants. Being in a herd means that a small commission is sent your way on every action you take. Hit me up here: https://elephant.money/partner.html?ref=0x41F7edc6ACe7652EA0E5Aee518556286c392D498

In the “The HERD: A Partner Network” box click on the partner tab, and then add my address as your partner: 0x41F7edc6ACe7652EA0E5Aee518556286c392D498

If you are not entirely sure how to navigate, please read this article for a step by step guide: Elephant Money: A Friendly Guide to Its Consistent Rise and How to Invest

🌐 Learn more about Elephant Token: Website

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[This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Elephant Token.]


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